Quality Care When You Can't be There!

Going on vacation? Weekend getaway? Working long hours? Let Whiskers and Wags take care of your pets for you in the comfort of your own home! With Whiskers and Wags, your pets will feel safe and secure and their routines will go uninterrupted. Whiskers and Wags can provide potty breaks, walks, playtime, and attention to keep your pets happy and safe while you’re away.
Having your pets stay in their own home keeps their stress level down and yours too. Pets will have their familiar sounds and smells and environment and won't be stressed by other animals or noises. Dogs and cats are creatures of habit and they sometimes get anxiety when in a strange environment, staying home eliminates that.  Also no kennel cough vaccine required! 

Whiskers and Wags can also provide home sitting services such as watering plants, bringing in the mail, taking out the trash, and turning on/off lights.
Before scheduling services with Whiskers and Wags, you will receive a free in-home consultation to review your pet’s needs. We can then schedule visits that work best for you!
Whiskers and Wags is currently serving Chambersburg, Fayetteville,  Shippensburg, and Marion, PA and the surrounding areas. 
Check out our services page for more information about visits and pricing!